You've joined millions of Pokemon GO players around the world in working on 7 days of Special Research tasks in preparation for finally catching Mew. But which moveset should you be hoping for?

The latest update to Pokemon GO's GAME_MASTER file contained major changes to Mew's moves. In addition to Pound, Mew now has 12 more fast moves. And it has a whopping 24 charge moves. Multiply 12 x 24, and you get the total number of Mew's possible movesets: 312.

You'll find a variety of opinions as to which moveset is the best. And for good reason. The answer depends on all sorts of factors, such as which Pokemon types you'll use it to battle against, the weather, how much damage your opponent will be doing to your Mew (the more damage it does, the faster Mew's charge move will be ready to go), and how much of Mew's charge will be left unused when the battle ends.

So not everyone will agree with the table displayed below. But this is my opinion.
I ran all 312 movesets through Battle Optimizer for Pokemon GO (Android), and ignoring weather and opponent type, and figuring medium impact from energy gained by taking damage and charge wasted at the end, Mew's best moveset is Dragon Tail / Psyshock.

Of course, as you can see from the "%" column, there are many movesets that are very close behind.

Here are how the numbers change in a few scenarios:

  • In windy weather, which boosts both dragon and psychic type moves, Dragon Tail / Psyshock does about 7% more damage than the nearest alternative (Dragon Tail / Dragon Claw).
  • Against fighting types, Dragon Tail / Psyshock is joined at the top by Pound / Psyshock and Charge Beam / Psyshock (Pound / Psyshock comes out on top, but all 3 round to 100%)
  • In rainy weather, the best moveset is Infestation / Wild Charge (Wild Charge and Thunderbolt basically take over the entire top end of the list). Dragon Tail / Psyshock drops down to 89%.
  • Against steel type Pokemon (against which both dragon and psychic are weak), Rock Smash / Overheat wins, and Dragon Tail / Psyshock plummets to 59%.

So yeah, there's definitely no single answer for which moveset is best. It depends entirely on the weather and what you're battling against. Here's the full ranking when ignoring weather and opponent type.

% Basic Move Charge Move
100 Dragon Tail Psyshock
99 Steel Wing Psyshock
99 Dragon Tail Grass Knot
99 Dragon Tail Wild Charge
98 Shadow Claw Psyshock
98 Pound Psyshock
98 Poison Jab Psyshock
98 Steel Wing Grass Knot
98 Steel Wing Wild Charge
97 Snarl Psyshock
97 Shadow Claw Wild Charge
97 Shadow Claw Grass Knot
96 Poison Jab Wild Charge
96 Poison Jab Grass Knot
96 Pound Wild Charge
96 Pound Grass Knot
96 Infestation Psyshock
96 Dragon Tail Solar Beam
96 Dragon Tail Overheat
96 Snarl Grass Knot
96 Snarl Wild Charge
95 Steel Wing Solar Beam
95 Steel Wing Overheat
94 Shadow Claw Solar Beam
94 Shadow Claw Overheat
94 Dragon Tail Thunderbolt
94 Dragon Tail Hyper Beam
94 Frost Breath Psyshock
94 Dragon Tail Dazzling Gleam
94 Steel Wing Hyper Beam
94 Infestation Wild Charge
94 Infestation Grass Knot
94 Pound Solar Beam
93 Steel Wing Thunderbolt
93 Pound Overheat
93 Struggle Bug Psyshock
93 Cut Psyshock
93 Charge Beam Psyshock
93 Steel Wing Dazzling Gleam
93 Dragon Tail Focus Blast
93 Poison Jab Solar Beam
93 Dragon Tail Dragon Claw
93 Poison Jab Overheat
93 Dragon Tail Blizzard
93 Rock Smash Psyshock
93 Shadow Claw Hyper Beam
93 Steel Wing Focus Blast
92 Steel Wing Dragon Claw
92 Steel Wing Blizzard
92 Shadow Claw Thunderbolt
92 Shadow Claw Dazzling Gleam
92 Dragon Tail Rock Slide
92 Dragon Tail Psychic
92 Frost Breath Wild Charge
92 Frost Breath Grass Knot
92 Shadow Claw Focus Blast
92 Volt Switch Psyshock
92 Pound Hyper Beam
91 Poison Jab Dazzling Gleam
91 Poison Jab Thunderbolt
91 Poison Jab Hyper Beam
91 Steel Wing Psychic
91 Steel Wing Rock Slide
91 Shadow Claw Dragon Claw
91 Shadow Claw Blizzard
91 Pound Dazzling Gleam
91 Dragon Tail Ice Beam
91 Pound Thunderbolt
91 Struggle Bug Grass Knot
91 Struggle Bug Wild Charge
91 Cut Wild Charge
91 Cut Grass Knot
90 Rock Smash Grass Knot
90 Rock Smash Wild Charge
90 Snarl Dazzling Gleam
90 Snarl Solar Beam
90 Pound Focus Blast
90 Steel Wing Ice Beam
90 Poison Jab Dragon Claw
90 Poison Jab Focus Blast
90 Charge Beam Grass Knot
90 Charge Beam Wild Charge
90 Snarl Thunderbolt
90 Shadow Claw Psychic
90 Shadow Claw Rock Slide
90 Snarl Overheat
90 Pound Blizzard
90 Poison Jab Blizzard
90 Pound Dragon Claw
89 Frost Breath Solar Beam
89 Poison Jab Rock Slide
89 Shadow Claw Ice Beam
89 Dragon Tail Stone Edge
89 Snarl Dragon Claw
89 Dragon Tail Dark Pulse
89 Frost Breath Overheat
89 Poison Jab Psychic
89 Steel Wing Stone Edge
88 Volt Switch Wild Charge
88 Volt Switch Grass Knot
88 Pound Psychic
88 Pound Rock Slide
88 Dragon Tail Thunder
88 Infestation Dazzling Gleam
88 Cut Solar Beam
88 Poison Jab Ice Beam
88 Steel Wing Dark Pulse
88 Snarl Hyper Beam
88 Steel Wing Thunder
88 Infestation Thunderbolt
88 Cut Overheat
87 Frost Breath Dazzling Gleam
87 Pound Ice Beam
87 Snarl Rock Slide
87 Infestation Solar Beam
87 Frost Breath Thunderbolt
87 Shadow Claw Stone Edge
87 Frost Breath Hyper Beam
87 Snarl Focus Blast
87 Rock Smash Solar Beam
87 Shadow Claw Dark Pulse
87 Snarl Ice Beam
87 Rock Smash Dazzling Gleam
87 Dragon Tail Flash Cannon
86 Infestation Overheat
86 Infestation Dragon Claw
86 Steel Wing Flash Cannon
86 Shadow Claw Thunder
86 Cut Dazzling Gleam
86 Struggle Bug Dazzling Gleam
86 Rock Smash Overheat
86 Snarl Blizzard
86 Rock Smash Thunderbolt
86 Frost Breath Dragon Claw
86 Struggle Bug Solar Beam
86 Poison Jab Dark Pulse
86 Cut Hyper Beam
86 Dragon Tail Gyro Ball
86 Frost Breath Focus Blast
85 Struggle Bug Thunderbolt
85 Cut Thunderbolt
85 Poison Jab Stone Edge
85 Steel Wing Gyro Ball
85 Struggle Bug Overheat
85 Dragon Tail Energy Ball
85 Charge Beam Dazzling Gleam
85 Charge Beam Solar Beam
85 Frost Breath Blizzard
85 Rock Smash Dragon Claw
85 Infestation Rock Slide
85 Pound Dark Pulse
85 Pound Stone Edge
85 Steel Wing Energy Ball
85 Poison Jab Thunder
85 Snarl Psychic
85 Frost Breath Rock Slide
85 Rock Smash Hyper Beam
84 Shadow Claw Flash Cannon
84 Infestation Hyper Beam
84 Cut Focus Blast
84 Struggle Bug Dragon Claw
84 Cut Dragon Claw
84 Infestation Ice Beam
84 Volt Switch Dazzling Gleam
84 Pound Thunder
84 Frost Breath Ice Beam
84 Charge Beam Overheat
84 Rock Smash Rock Slide
84 Charge Beam Thunderbolt
84 Snarl Dark Pulse
84 Dragon Tail Bulldoze
84 Shadow Claw Gyro Ball
84 Frost Breath Psychic
84 Cut Blizzard
83 Rock Smash Focus Blast
83 Steel Wing Bulldoze
83 Rock Smash Ice Beam
83 Dragon Tail Ancient Power
83 Struggle Bug Hyper Beam
83 Shadow Claw Energy Ball
83 Steel Wing Ancient Power
83 Struggle Bug Rock Slide
83 Cut Rock Slide
83 Poison Jab Flash Cannon
83 Volt Switch Thunderbolt
83 Rock Smash Blizzard
83 Infestation Focus Blast
83 Poison Jab Gyro Ball
83 Struggle Bug Ice Beam
83 Cut Ice Beam
82 Charge Beam Dragon Claw
82 Poison Jab Energy Ball
82 Pound Flash Cannon
82 Cut Psychic
82 Infestation Blizzard
82 Struggle Bug Focus Blast
82 Charge Beam Hyper Beam
82 Volt Switch Dragon Claw
82 Shadow Claw Bulldoze
82 Rock Smash Psychic
82 Pound Gyro Ball
82 Shadow Claw Ancient Power
81 Frost Breath Dark Pulse
81 Pound Energy Ball
81 Struggle Bug Blizzard
81 Charge Beam Rock Slide
81 Infestation Dark Pulse
81 Dragon Tail Low Sweep
81 Snarl Stone Edge
81 Rock Smash Dark Pulse
81 Steel Wing Low Sweep
81 Poison Jab Ancient Power
81 Poison Jab Bulldoze
81 Charge Beam Ice Beam
80 Volt Switch Rock Slide
80 Snarl Gyro Ball
80 Snarl Thunder
80 Infestation Psychic
80 Volt Switch Ice Beam
80 Snarl Energy Ball
80 Frost Breath Stone Edge
80 Charge Beam Focus Blast
80 Dragon Tail Flame Charge
80 Pound Ancient Power
80 Steel Wing Flame Charge
80 Cut Dark Pulse
80 Struggle Bug Dark Pulse
80 Struggle Bug Psychic
80 Pound Bulldoze
80 Frost Breath Thunder
79 Volt Switch Solar Beam
79 Charge Beam Blizzard
79 Snarl Ancient Power
79 Shadow Claw Low Sweep
79 Rock Smash Stone Edge
79 Frost Breath Gyro Ball
78 Snarl Flash Cannon
78 Frost Breath Energy Ball
78 Snarl Bulldoze
78 Rock Smash Gyro Ball
78 Shadow Claw Flame Charge
78 Rock Smash Energy Ball
78 Rock Smash Thunder
78 Cut Stone Edge
78 Volt Switch Overheat
78 Frost Breath Flash Cannon
78 Poison Jab Low Sweep
78 Infestation Gyro Ball
77 Poison Jab Flame Charge
77 Frost Breath Ancient Power
77 Infestation Energy Ball
77 Cut Thunder
77 Rock Smash Ancient Power
77 Charge Beam Dark Pulse
77 Volt Switch Dark Pulse
77 Charge Beam Psychic
77 Frost Breath Bulldoze
77 Struggle Bug Energy Ball
77 Cut Energy Ball
77 Cut Gyro Ball
77 Struggle Bug Gyro Ball
77 Rock Smash Flash Cannon
77 Rock Smash Bulldoze
77 Infestation Ancient Power
76 Pound Flame Charge
76 Pound Low Sweep
76 Volt Switch Hyper Beam
76 Infestation Stone Edge
76 Struggle Bug Stone Edge
76 Struggle Bug Ancient Power
76 Cut Ancient Power
76 Cut Flash Cannon
75 Infestation Thunder
75 Struggle Bug Thunder
75 Infestation Bulldoze
75 Snarl Flame Charge
75 Volt Switch Focus Blast
75 Cut Bulldoze
75 Struggle Bug Bulldoze
75 Snarl Low Sweep
74 Rock Smash Flame Charge
74 Volt Switch Energy Ball
74 Frost Breath Flame Charge
74 Charge Beam Energy Ball
74 Volt Switch Gyro Ball
74 Charge Beam Gyro Ball
74 Volt Switch Blizzard
74 Volt Switch Ancient Power
74 Struggle Bug Flash Cannon
74 Charge Beam Ancient Power
73 Infestation Flash Cannon
73 Rock Smash Low Sweep
73 Frost Breath Low Sweep
73 Infestation Flame Charge
73 Struggle Bug Flame Charge
73 Cut Flame Charge
72 Volt Switch Psychic
72 Charge Beam Stone Edge
72 Volt Switch Bulldoze
72 Charge Beam Bulldoze
71 Charge Beam Thunder
71 Infestation Low Sweep
71 Cut Low Sweep
71 Struggle Bug Low Sweep
70 Volt Switch Flame Charge
70 Charge Beam Flame Charge
69 Charge Beam Flash Cannon
69 Volt Switch Stone Edge
68 Volt Switch Thunder
68 Volt Switch Low Sweep
67 Charge Beam Low Sweep
67 Volt Switch Flash Cannon